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Nestled into the base of Victoria’s highest mountain, Mount Bogong, lies the picturesque township of Mount Beauty. Back in 2017, after being closed for 2 years, Mount Beauty’s local watering hole reopened its doors as West Peak Hotel, a family-owned business, brothers Steve and Mick, and cousin Matt, alongside their partners Bec, Steph and Lucy purchased the once thriving Mount Beauty Workman’s Club. 


However, they weren’t satisfied just yet and, rather, they wanted to create something more to really put their beautiful town on the map.  

With a passion for craft beer, prior knowledge and expertise, in 2022, the family decided to open up a 1,000 litre, three-vessel brewery on site, thereby utilising the region’s crystal clear mountain water and quality hope and grain to make some bloody delicious beer. 


With more than ten beer varieties on offer and award-winning food up for grabs, Mountain Monk Brewers have become a destination of their own. The business is family-owned and the only accredited wholly veteran-owned brewery in Australia.  

Mountain Monk Brewers Logo Monks

Our Brand, Our Philosophy 

Monasteries in Europe have been brewing beer for centuries. Monks followed an important principle of being completely self-sufficient and made it their duty to provide pilgrims and visitors with high quality food and drink.  

Here, at Mountain Monk Brewers, the same philosophy is followed. Like the monks that came before us, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of quality, fresh brews and award-winning food to our locals and the thousands of visitors that pass through our town every year - perhaps on their own pilgrimage.  

Meet Our Team

At Mountain Monk, we take pride in our team of passionate individuals who live and breathe the art of brewing. Just like the monks have done, several hundred years ago, our team strives by bringing you some rather delicious beverages and, with that, please, please let us introduce you to the masterminds behind our delicious creations.

Our Partners

Our Partner for all things Coffee, Honeybird Coffee
Our local Partner for fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Vegetation
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